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Silvia Saey

Good Tidings

Silvia Saey, has a passion for authentic beauty and for giving back. Although her family keeps her very busy, she started a lifestyle blog and founded an international online business designing unique accessories, inspired by her personal life and cultural travels.

All the items Silvia designs, are handmade in the United States.

A brand with a purpose, is what Silvia always envisioned. Growing up with a brother with autism, she gives all her support to the community by giving back 10% of her profits to non-profit organizations.

This is, and will always be, the reason why she started Good Tidings. When she is not driving her kids around, or working on her business you can find her meditating, practicing yoga or wake surfing with family and friends, surrounded by nature.

"Silvia loves how this organisation has as goal to connect businesses from Belgium and businesses established in Atlanta and surroundings.  She is inspired by Bacos’ focus on bringing business owners together and give them the feeling of ‘One World’ instead of a world of division."

Silvia Saey

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