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Syensqo SA spins off from Solvay

In early December 2023, Syensqo (pronounced “Science Co.”) completed its spin-off from Solvay, marking a historical milestone for this new company born from 160 years of science innovation. Now a stand-alone, Euronext-listed company Syensqo is one of the largest specialty companies in the world with more than $8.5B in annual sales and 13,200 global employees. The United States is Syensqo’s largest market, representing nearly $2.7B in sales and nearly 5,000 employees across 34 industrial sites and three research and innovation centers.

Syensqo’s solutions address environmental and social challenges through electrification, lightweighting, advanced connectivity, resource efficiency, improving quality of life, and sustainable sourcing. In addition, Syensqo is at the heart of the transition toward a net-zero economy, which is expected to drive new value creation and support the company’s long-term growth.

Syensqo is composed of two segments:

Materials, including high-performance, high-margin specialty polymers and composites businesses, mainly serving automotive and aerospace markets.

Consumer & Resources includes manufacturing solutions for home and personal care, agricultural use, and more.

“We offer a wide portfolio of sustainable solutions to tackle the crucial challenges of our planet and society, as we focus on innovation through our four growth platforms: battery materials, hydrogen, thermoplastic composites and renewable materials, and biotechnology,” said Mike Finelli, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer and Chief North America Officer. “Our new PVDF plant in Georgia, combined with our new biotech lab in Boston, gives us the ability to lead the way on clean mobility and biotechnology in the United States.”



May 27




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